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October 28, 2016
Father & Son
CPFF Golf Tourney Hosted by L3214
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What's New at IAFF 3214
Remembering the 343 FDNY Fire Fighters on 15th Anniversary of 9/11
Message from General President Harold Schaitberger: “Fifteen years ago on September 11, 2001, on a beautiful and then horrific Tuesday morning on the south end of Manhattan, we were faced with a catastrophic moment in our country and our profession. Read More...
Ballots due by May 3rd. Mail your ballot today

Do not miss your chance to have your voice heard and please cast your vote before time runs out. Ballots must be received by 7pm on May 3rd. So please mail them now. The ONLY drop off location is located off of HWY 119 at our admin building. 3561 North Stagecoach Road, Longmont CO 80504. Please note there are no polling places the day of the election.

We ask you to support those who know what it takes to deliver the service our communities deserve!

  • Justin Balderston
  • Chad Christian
  • Timothy Parker

Please review the BIOS and cast your vote to protect your community and vote to protect your firefighters. If you have not received a ballot already please contact the Adminstration office at Mountain View and request one at 303-772-0710.

Ballots are in the mail!
Local 3214 endorses 3 Candidates who know what it takes to deliver effective fire service to our communities.

Your Mountain View Professional Firefighters strongly endorse:

Justin Balderston

• 18+ years of public service

• Resident of Mead

Timothy J. Parker

• 40+ years of public service

• Resident of unincorporated Boulder County (Brownsville/Erie)

Chad Christian

• 11+ years of public service

• Resident of Erie

 Justin Balderston- Justin was born and raised in Colorado and grew up in Lakewood. He attended college in Wyoming and at Red Rocks Community College. In August of 1998, he started out serving his community by volunteering for the Black Hawk Fire Department and started as a professional firefighter in Cheyenne, Wyoming. In December of 2001, he left Cheyenne to return to Colorado and join the Aurora Fire Department. He spent five years as a shift Vice President and two years as the President of IAFF Local 1290.

Currently, Justin resides in Mead with his wife (also a public servant) and two young children. He is seeking election to serve his community as a member of the Mountain View Fire Protection District Board of Directors.

Timothy J. Parker- Timothy’s 40 year fire service career is distinguished by his ability to build strong teams and leverage their talent into improved performance, customer service, and public safety. Throughout his fire service career, he has been recognized for his unique ability to transition fire departments to meet the ever-changing needs of the community, while developing more sustainable organizations and future fire service leaders. He has a contagious enthusiasm and passionate belief in community service that inspires pride, teamwork and leadership. He has been instrumental in leading change, and more importantly, improving community quality of life by implementing several comprehensive risk reduction and emergency services programs.

Timothy served for nearly 30 years with the Rocky Flats Fire Department, 13 of those years as Fire Chief. During his tenure he implemented one of the first stand-alone Haz-Mat teams in Colorado, implemented paramedic transport program, and lead an innovative fire protection program that achieved one of the lowest fire loss records within the US DOE. As a result, his department was first to receive the “Walter Maybee” award for Fire Protection Excellence.

Community service has always been a priority. Timothy also served as a volunteer firefighter for over 33 years with the Lafayette Fire Department.

Most recently, Timothy served as Louisville Fire Protection District’s Fire Chief for the past 10 years and retired from this department at the end of 2015

Timothy and his wife Donna have lived in Eastern Boulder County for over 60 years.

Position Statement:

As a candidate for the MVFPD board of directors, Timothy believes it’s critical to elect leaders with vision and a passion for public safety, “Our residents deserve nothing but our best.” As your representative Timothy will:

•             Ensure financial responsibility & transparency.

•             Clearly communicate district needs & goals.

•             Better understand the expectations of every community we serve.

•             Ensure safe fire department staffing and response times meet national guidelines.

•             Serve as a model for stakeholder collaboration and feedback (internal & external).

•             Strengthen fire and injury prevention programs throughout the district (The best emergency is the one that never happens.).

Chad Christian - Chad has 17 years of public service as a firefighter and paramedic and has high standards. He understands what it takes to respond to life-and-death situations and he wants to ensure the best possible emergency response for his community- for his family and neighbors. Chad believes the gold standard for service is simple: deliver the service that you would want to be given at your home, to your loved one, in your darkest hour. As a taxpayer Chad wants to ensure that this happens in the most efficient way possible, and that he’s getting what he’s paying for. Chad will work to deliver to his community a level of service at or above national standards, in terms of response times and personnel.

Currently, Chad resides in Erie with his wife Kristi and son Gage. He grew up in Menasha, WI, a small town full of union factory-workers on the wrong side of the river from another small town full of factory-owners. He headed west when he was 18 years old- the old pull of Manifest Destiny and dreams of mountains driving him.

Chad has worked for a county, a special district, and a municipality in his career thus far and has been with the City of Westminster for 11 years, currently as a Fire Lieutenant.

Corey Rose Cancer in the Fire Service Series
9 News Ancor Corey Rose dedicated a three-part series, "Left in the Smoke" highlighting the growing issue of cancer in the fire service. As many of you know, Corey sits on the Board of Directors for the CPFF Foundation. Corey's father, Gary, died due to job related cancer shortly after retiring from a 32 year career with LA City Fire. Here is the entire three-part series: http://www. Read More...
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